Plum blossoms, peach groves and azaleas are the best time to go hiking. Come and join us in the Spring Mountain!

Chao News Client Editor Zhou Feng
"In February, the willows are drunk with spring smoke, and on March 3, the mountains and grass are long. The most beautiful is the day in April on earth, and the spring water is as green as blue. "
After the Spring Festival Gala, a song "Shang Chun Shan" spread all over the country. The image is fresh, light and bright, flowers bloom on the ridge and spring is beautiful. Friends who like hiking are ready to come to Changshan, Quzhou and go to Chunshan together.
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With the spring breeze blowing in the land of Changshan, the mountains, fields and riverbanks are all vivid pictures of "the vegetation is growing and the spring mountain is expected". To this end, "I have saved thousands of thoughts for a year."
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The spring of Changshan always follows the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, several "good rains" moistened the vegetation of the earth, giving everything full of vitality.
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@ Changshan Publishing
In Dongming Lake Park, misty rain and spring scenery are particularly charming. Rain falls and fills the lake, ripples rise and mist blows, and the elegant sky blue reflects the graceful Jiangnan scenery. There is a girl with an oil-paper umbrella and a white gauze skirt, walking slowly on the long bridge that runs through both ends of the lake, and all fantasies about Jiangnan are visualized.
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@ Changshan Publishing
Plum blossoms in Changshan Mountain Bike Park are always the first to bring the first touch of beauty in spring. Here is not only a sports arena where "Speed and Passion" are staged, but also a place to stroll, smell the fragrance, listen to the rain and pick up flowers. Facing the cool wind, I shuttled on the winding road, joyfully heading for spring and enthusiastic vitality.
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Peach blossom in Datang Shilin, Xinchang Township is a long-cherished March scene. Hundreds of acres of peach trees are stationed on the rugged rock mass and open freely. Thousands of flowers, blushing. "There are no miscellaneous trees in the middle, the grass is delicious, and the English is colorful". Walking through the peach blossom forest, children play and tourists laugh, it is really a wonderful scenery in spring!
According to Zhangzhou Wenlv @ Tik Tok Small Sack/photo
According to Zhangzhou Wenlv @ Tik Tok Small Sack/photo
Red azaleas with white chrysanthemums at the bottom of plum trees are in full bloom in warm spring. From a distance, it looks like a burning red brocade, and from a close look, it looks even more romantic like a beautiful woman’s charming smile. Climbers are singing all the way up, not afraid of mountains and roads, conquering the altitude of 1000 meters, and the azaleas on the top are cheering for you.
According to Quzhou Wenlv @ 京京京京京京京京 telling village stories/photos
According to Quzhou Wenlv @ 京京京京京京京京 telling village stories/photos
Zizhushan Forest Park has long been full of spring. The green hills lie across, and the greenery is endless. Ligustrum lucidum, Cinnamomum camphora and other towering, after a hundred years of ups and downs; The dense bamboos attract the breeze. Insects sing and birds sing, which is crisp and sweet, and there are all kinds of exotic flowers and grasses dotted among them. Chasing the direction of light, walking in the dense forest, leading to the clouds step by step.
According to Quzhou Wenlv @Tao-Sunlit Tao YL/ photo
According to Quzhou Wenlv @Tao-Sunlit Tao YL/ photo
The spring in Huanggang Mountain is low-key but extraordinary. A clear water is a mirror, reflecting the colors of seasonal changes clearly. The vitality of the stream is growing, and "Ding Ding Dong Dong" hums a little song and comes to the stone bridge, turning it into a waterfall and a flowing spring. Tourists go hiking with backpacks, whisper the spring breeze in their ears, and have a direct conversation with spring.
According to Zhangzhou Wenlv @ Tandian Quzhou/photo
According to Zhangzhou Wenlv @ Tandian Quzhou/photo
Sanqu stone forest, karst landform glows with new green. All kinds of animal-shaped limestone, either short trees or weeds, have made a natural and wonderful "stone-attached bonsai" in Langlang Spring. Until April, the purple sparrows on the vines are crawling all over the hillside, hanging in strings, and the birds are flying, which is spectacular.
hello! The spring hotline from Changshan is ringing, so let’s go quickly.
(According to Quzhou Wenlv, Poetry and Painting Zhejiang Wenlv Information)

The police helped save the day, and the elderly and children returned home safely.

■ Our reporter Lu Zengan correspondent Le Xue 

The little boy almost got lost when riding in the community garden. Fortunately, after being discovered by enthusiastic citizens, he asked the patrolman for help in time to find his family. One of the two old people fell and was injured, and the other was lost for three days. With the help of the police, they were safely reunited with their families … On February 23, several accidents occurred in Liangqing area, which were saved by the timely and proper disposal of Liangqing police.
  The little boy rode away while his family was not looking.
"Thank you! Help me find my grandson, and we will take good care of the children in the future … "On February 23rd, the auxiliary police of Jinxiang Police Station, the special patrol brigade of Liangqing Public Security Bureau, helped a lost child to go home safely, and the family members thanked him again and again. It turned out that at about 11 o’clock that day, Lin Linfu and Chris Huang, the auxiliary police officers of the Golden Elephant Police Station, carried out patrol prevention and control work in the area under their jurisdiction. When they patrolled to the vicinity of Wuxiang Automobile Life Square on Dongfeng Road in the area under their jurisdiction, they received help from the masses, saying that a little boy was playing alone, without an adult around him, and he was suspected of being lost.
After receiving the report, Lin Linfu and Huang Qiang Hua immediately came forward to understand the situation and found the little boy. It was cold and drizzling, and the little boy sat nervously in the security booth near the square. Seeing this situation, Lin Linfu squatted down and took the little boy’s hand to calm his emotions, patiently communicated with him, and asked his parents for contact information. Because of his young age, the little boy can only answer the names of himself and his grandfather, and other information can’t be provided. In order to help the little boy find his parents quickly, Lin Linfu decided to take the little boy back to the police station first.
Soon, the police successfully contacted the little boy’s grandfather, Yu Mousun, and informed the child about the situation. Twenty minutes later, Yu Mousun hurried to the police station to pick up the little boy. It was learned that the little boy was originally riding in the garden of the community, leaving the community by bike while adults were not paying attention. Fortunately, with the help of enthusiastic people and the police, there was no danger.
  An 80-year-old man fell to the side of the road and suffered a head injury.
Coincidentally, at 10 o’clock in the morning, Tan Jiangang, a policeman from Wuxiang Police Station of the Special Patrol Brigade of Liangqing Public Security Bureau, led the team members to conduct normal patrols in the jurisdiction and found an 80-year-old man falling on the side of the road. Tan Jiangang went forward to check the situation and found that the old man had a head injury and blood oozing out because his head was facing down when he fell. The situation was urgent. Tan Jiangang quickly sent the old man to a nearby hospital for treatment with a police car.
In the hospital, Tan Jiangang accompanied the old man for examination and patiently communicated with the medical staff until his family arrived. After preliminary examination, the old man’s body is not serious. Before leaving, Tan Jiangang patiently handed over the precautions to the elderly family members, and reminded them to accompany their families as much as possible to prevent accidents.
   The old man went out shopping alone for 3 days and didn’t return.
"Please rest assured that we will send the elderly home safely." Recently, Nanxiao Police Station of Nanning Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that a lost old man was found in Taima Village of Nanxiao Town, and he was unwilling to talk to the villagers. After receiving the police, Chen Xi immediately drove to Taima Village to find the old man.
When the old man saw the police, he gradually relaxed his vigilance and accepted the bread and water handed by the police. It is understood that the old man went out from home to go shopping in the town alone, and somehow he went to Taima Village in Nanxiao Town. When the police asked him about his home address and children’s names, the old man’s language was vague and could not tell the specific situation. After many efforts, I finally got in touch with the family of the old man.
It is understood that the old man has been away from home for three days, and his family is very anxious and looking around. When the police brought the old man back safely, the family’s hanging heart finally relaxed, and a happy smile appeared on their faces, and they thanked the police for their help.

The road to recovery is hindered by many obstacles. When will the rain and sunshine return to the south on a large scale next week?

Today, the scope of freezing weather in the south has been reduced, and the intensity has weakened. The Central Meteorological Observatory has lifted the yellow warning of freezing this morning and issued the freezing warning for five days in a row, which has finally come to an end. However, the low-temperature warning continues to take effect. Today, the temperature in the north and south is still "upside down" during the day. North China and northwest China are warmer than Jiangnan. With high humidity, many local partners in the south have experienced a 360-degree wet and cold attack without dead ends.

Next week, for the southern region, the range of rain and snow is still not small, and the precipitation in the north will also increase, mainly snowfall. According to the medium-term forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, it will be rainy in the south in the next 10 days, and the cumulative precipitation days can reach 5 to 7 days. The central and western parts of the south of the Yangtze River, the western part of South China and Guizhou have the most frequent precipitation, such as the rainy weather in Guilin, Guangxi. Among them, the warm and humid air flow strengthened on the 28th, while the cold air went south, the precipitation range expanded northward, and the precipitation intensity in the south strengthened briefly. On March 1, the precipitation contracted sharply to the south, and most of the south may wait for the long-lost sunshine next weekend.

In terms of temperature, it has experienced a trough. Although the temperature in all parts of the country is rising in the next few days, the pace of warming is relatively slow, and most areas will remain in a colder state than normal. Due to the influence of rain and snow in the south, the road to recovery is more difficult, and the state of low temperature is more obvious. In the next three days, the daily average temperature in southeastern Hubei, western and south-central Jiangxi, eastern and south-central Hunan, most of Guizhou, most of Guangxi, and northwestern Guangdong will be 5℃ to 7℃ lower than normal, and the temperature in southern Hunan, southeastern Guizhou, and northeastern Guangxi will be more than 7℃ lower, with a large and long-lasting low temperature and a heavy wet and cold feeling.

In addition, it should be noted that the temperature in South China will usher in a wave of obvious shocks next week. The warm and humid airflow will be strengthened from 28th to 29th, and the temperature in South China will rise sharply for a short time, with the highest temperature rising above 20℃ or even exceeding 25℃, but then it will drop sharply and return to more than 10 degrees, with great fluctuation. For example, in Fuzhou, the highest temperature will be less than 15℃ in the next three days, rising to 27℃ on the 29th and dropping to 13℃ on March 2nd. It is suggested that friends in South China should pay more attention to the weather forecast next week, adjust their clothes in time according to the temperature changes, and don’t accept thick clothes.

It is expected that after March 2, the temperature in the north and south will start to rise obviously, and gradually rise to the normal level in the same period of the year. At that time, everyone will feel the approach of spring.


Hunting, Blood Suspicion, East Love, Gao Cangjian, Yamaguchi Momoe, Honami Suzuki … Which Japanese film and television drama do you remember?

Hirokazu Koreeda’s film "The Thieves’ Family" set off a modest Japanese film and television craze after meeting domestic audiences this year. In fact, as the main carrier of Japanese culture, Japanese film and television works have always enjoyed a good audience relationship in China, and many of them have left a deep impression on China audiences, which can still trigger collective memories and arouse great resonance today.

It can be said that these Japanese film and television works participated in our youth memories. Nowadays, in the era of high-definition images flying all over the sky, I will recall those pictures with some color distortion and blurred images, but what remains in my mind is extremely clear and sincere emotions! This beautiful memory is like washed gold in the years. It will not really pass away because of the long time, but let everyone who has loved and been young hide and shine in their hearts.

Chasing: The Male Aesthetic Changes Brought by "Looking for Gao Cangjian"

Back to 40 years ago, the conclusion of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship opened a honeymoon period of bilateral relations. In order to further strengthen cultural exchanges between the two countries, two Japanese films, Chasing and Witness, were introduced in succession for the first time that year. As soon as these two films were released, they immediately caused a sensation.

Objectively looking at the quality of the two films, both of which are directed by Junya Sato’s works, "Witness" expresses much higher awareness of social problems and profound excavation of human nature than "Chasing". However, in the eyes of Chinese mainland audience at that time, Hunting, a suspense action film starring Gao Cangjian two years ago (1976), undoubtedly had a charm that was more suitable for the audience. Du Qiu, the tough guy prosecutor portrayed by Gao Cangjian in the film, is unsmiling but affectionate; Mayumi, played by Ryoko Nakano, is passionate, dare to love and hate; Yoshio Harada’s character, Yacun Sheriff, is smart, handsome and upright. In addition, the background of the whole story shuttles back and forth among the colorful city scenes and beautiful mountains and forests in the Japanese metropolis. The plot is in the sky, the protagonist is on the run, and the process of solving the case is full of crises and layers of progress. Finally, the grievances are washed away and the beauty is finally returned. It can be described as hearty!

In essence, this film follows the routine of all classic heroic legendary adventure stories, and the characters also have distinctive comic characteristics. It can be said that it is a Japanese version that imitates American action movies in large numbers and belongs to the most acceptable model in popular culture. Although this film style was not new in other countries in the world at that time, many China audiences were shocked when they first saw such an impact film, which caused the streets and lanes to discuss and even imitate the classic scenes in the film. For example, "Keiji Yokomichi" was originally the name of a character in the film, but because of its impressive image, it was extended into a popular term at that time in China and became a synonym; For example, at that time, young people who were fashionable in the streets and lanes liked to have long sideburns, so-called "Yacuntou", mainly because the police chief Yacuntou in the film was so handsome.

The tough guy image of Du Qiu played by Gao Cangjian is sought after by countless boys and girls in the society; At that time, there was a popular quip: "Jump, you jump, you will melt in the blue sky …", which comes from a plot paragraph at the end of the film; Even the famous comic dialogue Chess has a large parody of the film lines and theme songs. Its various phenomena are enough to prove how much social sensation this film caused at that time.

The horses galloped in the streets of Tokyo, and the leading horse, the bordeaux horse, was like a fire carrying a couple of lovers to break through the encirclement of the police … This heroic and extreme romance subconsciously released the audience’s long-cherished desire. Mayumi’s heroic temperament image also seems to be a symbol of a new generation of women’s self-liberation. No wonder when asked about the audience of that year, they all expressed their deep impression on this passage in the film.

Special mention should be made to the prosecutor Du Qiu played by Gao Cangjian, whose tough appearance and personality have deeply influenced the aesthetics of many audiences. The so-called men bleed without tears, iron shoulders bear morality, and righteousness stays in the world. This kind of screen image was brought into the hearts of mainland audiences through Gao Cangjian’s interpretation, which corrected the once popular image of "butter kid" on the screen at that time and became the idol of the times. Asked about the older generation’s views on Hunting, they paid tribute to Gao Cangjian. Zhang Yimou, the film director, has repeatedly mentioned that his idol is Gao Cangjian in various interviews and reports. At the same time, Gao Cangjian was also the original motivation for his decision to shoot "Riding Alone for a Thousand Miles".

Now that Mr. Gao Cangjian has passed away, compared with the changes of male images in Asian popular culture, it is really a sigh that time has passed and people and things have changed.

Love Story in Tokyo: The Enlightenment of Love and Li Xiang

When the time came to 1995, the accumulation and achievements of reform and opening up in the past 20 years not only enriched people’s material life, but also greatly enriched people’s spiritual and cultural life with the influx of new dramas and movies one after another. Therefore, this year, when "Tokyo Love Story" was broadcast on Shanghai TV, there was no grand occasion of the national "Hunting" and "Blood Suspicion".

However, the good drama will not be buried after all. Although the drama is no longer popular among the older generation of Japanese drama audiences, Love Story in Tokyo has gained excellent reputation and good ratings among the new youth groups after 70 s and 80 s, once again detonating the topic about Japanese drama.

Compared with the series seen by Chinese audiences in the past, the overall style of Tokyo Love Story is more modern. Although the drama was broadcast in Japan in 1991 and received a good response, it was introduced several years later in China, but its portrayal and depiction of the love stories of white-collar young people in modern metropolis still has a very fashionable impression for Chinese audiences. Different from the past, this drama no longer takes bitterness and loyalty as the selling point to earn the audience’s tears. Both the male and female protagonists in the drama have different personalities and emotional demands from traditional behaviors and values in their thoughts and behaviors. The whole plot almost no longer involves the role of the parents of the characters in the play, and the love between young men and women is completely independent. The love triangle, swinging from side to side, and even cheating are all manifested, but because the characters are so authentic, especially the heroine is extremely cute, everyone who has seen this classic Japanese drama will be deeply attracted by it. Although Wanzhi left Chiminglixiang in the play, Chiminglixiang became the ideal girlfriend in the eyes of countless men outside the play.

The author has communicated with many post-80s generations who have seen this Japanese TV series, and found that in their memory, this TV series can almost become a textbook for men and women’s emotional enlightenment, and even often analyzes and judges the characters in their own lives in order to make rational and correct decisions in their emotional life. The topic that people relish is: Is it a correct choice for Li Xiang to give up the final treatment? Does the swing in Wanji’s personality prove that he is really a childish "love rat" inside? Is Rimei, who ended up with Wanji, a "scheming woman"? All kinds of arguments have been going on for many years, and with the spread of the influence of the drama, it is widespread among Asian audiences, which is enough to express the audience’s love for this 12-episode TV series.

It is said that the colonnade of the primary school engraved with the names of Li Xiang and Wan Zhi has not been demolished so far, and the park where they met for the first time and broke up for the last time in the play is still there. At last, the station where Li Xiang broke up with Wan Zhi has now become the most popular couple’s shrine in Japan, and many people, like Li Xiang, have written their wishes on a white scarf and tied them to the railing. Readers who have the opportunity to travel to Japan may still find all kinds of places where the two left memories in the film. I won’t tell you much if I sell it here. Let’s look for clues in the play.

Yamaguchi Momoe: Natural Beauty and Myth Created by Retirement.

After The Hunt and The Witness, Chinese mainland’s classic masterpieces such as Sandware, The Call of the Distant Mountain, Happy Huang Shoupa and so on came on the screen one after another. At the same time, during this historical period, with the gradual acceleration of China’s reform and opening-up, Chinese people have also become rich rapidly, and televisions that were previously unthinkable have actually entered thousands of households. In 1984, a Japanese TV series called "Blood Suspicion" was broadcast on CCTV. The broadcast of this film immediately caused a sensation at that time. It is definitely not an exaggeration for thousands of families to watch "Blood Suspicion".

The heroine of the play is played by Yamaguchi Momoe, a popular Japanese actress. The TV series was originally filmed in 1975, and it took nearly 10 years for China audiences to see it. Yamaguchi Momoe was only 16 years old when he filmed this TV series. The ups and downs of the characters’ emotional experiences, together with leukemia, the mystery of life, the love between brother and sister and so on, attracted the audience firmly in front of the TV set like magic. This TV series, which only broadcasts one episode every Sunday, has become the focus of discussion among the whole people. Some people even feel miserable because the heroine Xing Zi was finally killed by illness. Yamaguchi Momoe’s hairstyle in the play and several styles of sweaters she wore led the fashion of young people in China at that time.

The two actors in and out of the play also have a sincere and passionate love under the long-term coexistence. In 1980, just as Yamaguchi Momoe’s acting career was at its peak, he suddenly announced his retirement and married his long-term partner, Tomokazu Miura. This incident also became the topic of the whole Japanese entertainment circle at that time. This couple has been married for nearly 40 years now, which is a real version of golden couple.

Yamaguchi Momoe’s popularity in China has attracted many fans to explore and recognize her whole acting career. Born in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1959, this poor girl was forced to live with her mother and grandparents separately because the landlord refused to take in her mother and daughter who were born out of wedlock. Although her grandparents loved her very much, she had to return to her parents’ family when she was four years old. In the Japanese society at that time, the mother toiled alone to support the family, but the father was unwilling to pay a penny for the maintenance. Being from a poor family, she had to take care of her sister in childhood and help her family share a job as soon as possible. Yamaguchi Momoe worked as a newspaper deliveryman in primary school, and soon after he went to middle school, he thought of graduating early and becoming a beautician, so that he could earn more money to subsidize his family.

Perhaps the fond memory of her mother singing while sitting in front of a sewing machine in her childhood made Yamaguchi Momoe interested in performing arts. In 1972, 13-year-old Yamaguchi Momoe heard that she had the opportunity to participate in the singing contest of "The Birth of a New Star", so she signed up with the mentality of giving it a try. Unexpectedly, this seemingly rash decision unexpectedly changed Yamaguchi Momoe’s life. Yamaguchi Momoe won a full house with her simple and beautiful image, positive and optimistic attitude towards life and unique singing style, and began her brilliant acting career.

In 1974, Yamaguchi Momoe met Tomokazu Miura, then 22 years old, in an advertisement for shooting chocolate. They were presented in the advertisement with extremely youthful and energetic attitude, which is a model of the image endorsement of Showa Children. In the same year, the two co-produced the film The Dancer of Izu. This film is adapted from Nobel Prize in Literature winner Yasunari Kawabata’s early work of the same name. Yamaguchi Momoe’s first film performance rewarded the audience who expected her with excellent results. She plays the role of smoked inferiority with tenacity in her bones and a trace of melancholy in her innocence, which can be said to be a perfect interpretation of this classic literature.

With the success of her career, Yamaguchi Momoe began to make film appointments constantly, and her singing career was booming. In 1975, she held her first solo concert, which was a great success. Later, she cooperated with Tomokazu Miura for many times, making films such as Chao Sao, The Age of First Love and Farewell, as well as the TV series "Blood Suspicion" mentioned earlier. They were praised as golden couple on the screen by the audience at that time. Her lovely image, as well as the positive and tenacious character experienced in her early years in a difficult life, make the characters she created have a strong sense of hierarchy and complex internal personality, all of which mark the birth of a talented actress.

The charm of Yamaguchi Momoe lies in its natural beauty. She is tough in weakness, full of enthusiasm in elegance, and her poor background naturally makes her an audience. She looks special, not a standard beauty face, but she is very attractive. When Gong Li made her debut, some people described her as having two "Yamaguchi Momoe-style tiger teeth".

Just as her career was approaching its peak, in 1979, Tomokazu Miura, who was seven years older than her, finally proposed to her formally. Yamaguchi Momoe didn’t hesitate to agree, because in her opinion, two people seem to have been together for a long time, and are destined to accompany each other for life in the future. In 1980, before Yamaguchi Momoe and Tomokazu Miura were officially married, they suddenly announced their decision to quit the show business and prepare to concentrate on family life at home in the future. The real reasons for Yamaguchi Momoe’s withdrawal are still controversial. There is a saying that the author feels closer to the truth-it is said that Yamaguchi Momoe was so popular at that time that she wanted to fly solo. The agent who had agreed to help her become independent went back on her word and betrayed Yamaguchi Momoe. She realized that the glamorous life in the entertainment industry was full of institutional calculations, and she was really tired and disgusted. After many thoughts, she decided to quit the entertainment industry. It is said that when the decision was made, most people were against it. Only Tomokazu Miura stood by her side and fully supported her decision to live a strong life. Her feelings for Tomokazu Miura far exceeded the friendship between ordinary couples. After full withdrawal, she can not only concentrate on living a quiet life with Tomokazu Miura, but also take this opportunity to severely retaliate against the once treacherous company.

After Yamaguchi Momoe quit, as she promised, she would never come back and concentrate on housework. Nearly 40 years later, the marriage between Yamaguchi Momoe and Tomokazu Miura is still stable and is regarded as a rare model.

Author: asphalt film critic

Editor: Guo Chaohao

Editor in Charge: Chloe Wang

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Olympic observation China women’s volleyball team aims to defend its title. "We have waited for five years, and we are ready!"

Volleyball officially became an Olympic event at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. China women’s volleyball team won gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. It is the only Olympic champion team in China’s "three big balls" event. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is about to open. As the defending champion, head coach Lang Ping will lead China women’s volleyball team to attack the Olympic champion again!

Lineup: Lang Ping hopes that these 12 people are the best choice.

The 12 players of China women’s volleyball team in Tokyo Olympic Games are: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying and Liu Xiaotong as main attackers, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni and Wang Yuanyuan as auxiliary attackers, Ding Xia and Yao Di as second setters, Gong Xiangyu, Liu Yanhan and Wang Mengjie as free men.

On July 19th, China women’s volleyball team went to Tokyo Olympic Games. Image source: China Women’s Volleyball Team Official Micro

Among them, the oldest is Yan Ni, 34, and the youngest is Li Yingying, 21, born after 00. Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu are the champions of Rio Olympic Games, while Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan, Yao Di, Liu Yanhan and Wang Mengjie participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. Judging from the list, all the main core players in the women’s queue are selected, but in the selection of the substitute lineup, Lang Ping is still stable.

Regarding the formation of the list of 12 players, Lang Ping said: "This list has been brewing for a long time, and the whole coaching team is discussing what kind of suitable and complementary lineup should be used to appear in the Tokyo Olympic Games. I also hope that this list is our best choice, and I hope that these 12 athletes can represent all the athletes participating in the training and play their best level. "

Prepare for war: encourage each other to survive the hardest days.

In the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Lang Ping led the team to successfully defend its title with an unbeaten record of 11 consecutive victories. This is the tenth championship won by China women’s volleyball team in the three world competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup), and it also laid a solid foundation for the upcoming Olympic defending tour.

However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games was forced to postpone, the FIVB also suspended all international competitions, and the China women’s volleyball team conducted training for seven months without an international competition. "In the most difficult days, we were completely enclosed, relying on each other’s support and companionship." Lang Ping said with emotion, "Thank you for your persistence and hard work. In the days when there was no competition at all and only boring training was left, we still encouraged each other and practiced every day as much as possible, helping our team gain valuable experience in a special period."

On May 1st, 2021, China defeated Japan 3-0 in the women’s volleyball competition on the first day of the Tokyo Olympic Volleyball Test. The picture shows China player Zhu Ting (right) spiking in the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Yiyi photo

In May this year, the volleyball test match of Tokyo Olympic Games was restarted. As the only invited team, China women’s volleyball team played a test match with Japanese women’s volleyball team in Youming Gymnasium, the venue of Tokyo Olympic Games. In the end, China beat its opponent 3-0. This test match is of great value to China women’s volleyball team, which not only adapts to the Olympic venue in advance, but also makes the players who have not participated in international competitions for more than a year find their feelings on the field.

At the end of May, the 2021 World Women’s Volleyball League was held in Rimini, Italy in the form of "safety bubble". China women’s volleyball team sent a substitute team to participate in the first stage of the competition. Although the team only achieved 4 wins and 5 losses, more substitute players got the opportunity to play, which also made the coaching staff have a greater grasp of the choice of the Olympic list. After 9 matches, the six main players of China women’s volleyball team returned to the team. In the following 6 matches, the China team won a total victory even against Italian, Russian and American teams. Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia and other main players are in a stable state, which also makes fans have more expectations for the upcoming Olympic journey of China women’s volleyball team.

Playing: After waiting for five years, we are ready.

According to the rules, the 12 women’s volleyball teams participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games were divided into two groups, with 6 teams in each group playing 5 round robin matches. The top four teams in the group entered the quarterfinals, and finally decided the champion by eliminating the competition system.

In the latest world ranking of women’s volleyball, the United States tops the list, followed by China and Brazil. The fourth to tenth places are Turkey, Japan, Dominica, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. At the Tokyo Olympics, China was in Group B with the United States, Russia, Italy, Argentina and Turkey.

On July 25th, China will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games, against the Turkish team. As a European team with rapid rising momentum in recent years, the Turkish team has considerable strength. At the World Women’s Volleyball League which ended last month, China sent a substitute team to play and lost 3-0 to the Turkish team. At the Tokyo Olympic Games, it was not a big problem for the China team to get off to a good start.

On June 20th, 2021, in the preliminaries of the 2021 World Women’s Volleyball League held in Rimini, Italy, China beat the United States 3-0. The picture shows China player Yan Ni (first from left) blocking the ball in the game. Xinhua news agency

For China, the first real test of this Olympic Games is the game against the United States on July 27th. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball team has lost to its opponents in three consecutive Olympic Games. This American team in Tokyo Olympic Games has many excellent players, such as Larson, Bucky, Robinson, Akinradewo and Poulter, and its strength is good. This year’s World Women’s Volleyball League,The United States defeated Brazil 3-1 in the final to win three consecutive championships. Although it lost 3-0 to China in the last game of the preliminary round, the United States, which won 14 consecutive victories at that time, had ensured the qualification, so it did not send its main force to play. In the group competition of Tokyo Olympic Games, it was China who defeated the American team.teamThe first important goal.

China will play Russian, Italian and Argentine teams in the next three group matches. In recent years, the main players of the Italian women’s volleyball team have gradually matured, especially Egnu, who has strong strength, strong explosive force and extremely lethal re-buckle. How to restrain Egnu’s play is a problem that China women’s volleyball team must solve. Russia sent a number of young players to the Olympic Games this time. The absence of famous players such as Kosheleva, Parubetz and Romanova greatly reduced the strength of the team. In the last two games of the group stage, it was believed that China women’s volleyball team would achieve satisfactory results against Russia and Argentina, which ranked 16th in the world.

In addition to the opponents in the group stage, Serbian women’s volleyball team may pose a threat to China women’s volleyball team in the knockout stage. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball team defeated its opponent in the final, and reached the Olympic champion podium after a lapse of 12 years. During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the main lineup of Serbian team has not changed much. Boskovich, Ogennovic, mikhailovich, Lasic and S Popovich will all play in the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the same time, Kosic, lazovic and Caric, who have performed well in this year’s World Women’s Volleyball League, have also been successfully selected. As the champion of the 2018 World Championships, Serbian women’s volleyball team will be one of the strong opponents of China women’s volleyball team.

On July 19th, China women’s volleyball team successfully arrived in Tokyo. "I am very excited to come to Tokyo this time. We are ready, because we have waited for five years, and the time is quite long. Finally, we have the opportunity to embark on the journey of the Olympic Games, and the team is in good shape. Our goal is to attack medals and fight one by one. The Olympic Games is different from the usual leagues. Every game is very difficult. We will go all out and hope to play the best level and win glory for our country. " As Lang Ping said, the defending champion China women’s volleyball team is ready!

The women’s volleyball schedule of Tokyo Olympic Games (Beijing time);

At 15:25 on July 25th, China VS Turkey.

At 10:05 on July 27th, China VS USA.

China VS Russian at 15:25 on July 29th.

China VS Italian at 20:45 on July 31st.

August 2, 15:25 China VS Argentina.

August 4th quarter-finals

August 6 semi-final

August 8 final

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The strongest team of Olympic observers will go to China table tennis team in Tokyo with a firm goal.

Olympic observation of China Hercules or creating a new history

Olympic observers dare to fight and fight for the national feather and shoulder the heavy responsibility of rushing for gold.

Olympic observation: China diving "dream team" made a strong expedition to veteran rising star with 8 gold medals.

Olympic observation, China women’s basketball team’s ninth Olympic campaign, expecting the "hard core" to reappear.

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The new lineup of Olympic observers went to China, Tokyo to shoot the first gold medal.

It is difficult for residents in Daxing, Beijing to go to work: four modes of travel are inconvenient, and residents call for this kind of car.

In 2016, Mr. Zhang lived in Mantingchun Community, Caiyu Town, Daxing. Since then, he has to take the government commuter bus to work in the city every day, with a one-way distance of about 45 kilometers. In recent years, with the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, the permanent population of Caiyu Town has soared, and the travel needs of residents have seriously exceeded the carrying capacity of commuter cars.
There is a long queue at the starting station of picking and breeding in the city.
None of the four modes of travel is convenient.
The commuter car in Mr. Zhang’s mouth was opened by the Caiyu Town Government around 2014. Commuters use regular long-distance buses, and each bus is limited to 55 passengers. Every morning from 6: 00 to 8: 30, there are 10 buses from Caiyu Central Primary School to the city, passing through the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and directly reaching the vicinity of Shilihe subway station. According to Mr. Zhang, if there are no unexpected situations such as traffic jams, this journey only takes 40 minutes.
But in fact, the capacity of commuter bus in the morning is far from meeting the needs of residents in Caiyu Town. According to Mr. Zhang’s statistics, at present, the number of people who commute to work in Caiyu Town every day is about 2,000, but ten shuttle buses can only transport 550 people. Getting on the government shuttle bus on time every day has become the greatest wish of the breeder every day.
At the Caiyu Central Primary School at the bus departure station, Mr. Zhang told the reporter: "In order to get on the bus at 7: 00 in the morning, I started waiting for the bus half an hour in advance, but the queue number has exceeded 100." Mr. Zhang said while showing photos to reporters.
When the reporter visited the site, he found that although the commuter bus has several stations in Caiyu Town, each station radiates to crowded areas such as schools and communities, most people will choose to queue up at the departure station. If the commuter bus is full at the starting station, it is even more difficult to get on the bus from the next few stations. "Now, not only Caiyu Town, but also people in other areas are convenient. Driving to the starting station in the morning to grab a car with us will make our pressure even greater."
Many people queue up hopelessly, give up commuting cars and look for carpooling opportunities.
Mr. Ma, who works in the West Fourth Ring Road, has the same feeling. In order to catch the government bus on time every day, he usually arrives at the bus departure station before 7 o’clock. Even so, it takes an hour to get on the bus. Mr. Ma used to drive himself to work, but the fuel consumption cost of going back and forth for more than 70 kilometers a day was too high. "If you can’t sit at the starting station of the shuttle bus after 7: 30, you can only choose to carpool or take a black car to the city." The reporter learned that carpooling is very common in picking and breeding. There are five carpooling groups in Mr. Ma’s WeChat, each with 500 people. "Even carpooling is very difficult, and people are full as soon as the car stops at the roadside."
If you can’t catch up with the bus and carpooling, and the cost of driving to work is too high, then there is only one last way to go to work from Caiyu: customized buses such as "catching the bus". Mr. Zhang remembers that he took the "catching the bus" to work, and the bus was stopped by the traffic police twice on the way.
Always ask when you see the bus coming.
In addition to the morning rush hour, the evening rush hour is not easy. At the rush hour last weekend, the reporter went to the starting station of Jinsong to check the situation. Compared with a few years ago, there was still no sign on the commuter car for picking and breeding on the path in front of the Fulton apartment. Passengers routinely lined up here, and the team was very messy. And some unidentified buses are also attracting customers.
At about 6 pm, the number of people waiting in line exceeded 60. Many people can tell from the length of the queue whether they can get on the next bus. The passengers showed the reporter a departure schedule. The departure interval ranged from 15 minutes to half an hour, but it happened that the departure interval was widened during the rush hour. For example, after 6: 50 pm, the next departure time was 7: 30 pm, with an interval of 40 minutes.
Worried about the long interval between commuter trains, there are alternatives, but they are not formal. In the queue of carpooling, some people are handing out leaflets and enthusiastically introducing other modes of riding. The reporter saw at the scene that some irregular buses would appear in people’s sight from time to time. In the passenger’s words, as long as it is a bus to collect and cultivate, everyone wants to take it, and the fare of some cars is lower than that of the government commuter bus.
According to the driver of the government commuter bus, the commuter bus has been in a state of "losing money". They also know that passengers have a desire to add a car, but it is difficult at present, because there is no commuter car parking lot near Jinsong, and it is impossible to start in the opposite direction. As for whether the departure time can be adjusted, "it needs to be decided by Caiyu Town".
Residents look forward to commuting by bus.
The starting station returning from the urban area to collect and cultivate is overcrowded.
The reporter learned that there are three bus lines passing through Caiyu Town, but the set route is not convenient for office workers. The first is Xing 32, which passes through Yizhuang subway station, which is convenient for Caiyu residents to transfer to the subway process. However, it takes about 2 hours to get from Caiyu to Yizhuang, followed by 940, which starts from Caiyu all the way west, passes through Daxing Huangcun subway station, and finally passes through Jiugong subway station. Although both trains pass through the subway, they do not take the high speed. For passengers, it takes time to take the bus.
Many residents told reporters that the permanent population of Caiyu Town has surged in the past two years, but the number of commuter buses has never increased, and other modes of travel are inconvenient, so the problem of difficult travel needs to be solved urgently.
The reporter was informed that as early as 2016, it was reported that the government’s commuter bus was going to be reformed, which means that the commuter bus can not only run all day, but also the departure interval is greatly shortened, which is undoubtedly good news. However, in response to a reporter recently, the Caiyu Town Government said that the related issues of commuting bus are still in the discussion stage. Although residents often ask about this matter, the specific time is still uncertain.
Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Zhang Qunzhen Jing Yiming Intern Li Xinyu and photo

Prospect of volleyball in Hangzhou Asian Games: China men’s and women’s volleyball teams don’t do "multiple choice" in the face of "devil’s schedule"

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, September 18th (Reporter Lu Xingji): The men’s and women’s volleyball competitions of the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou are closely related to the Olympic qualifiers. Some Asian teams who will take part in these two events at the same time have made choices and trade-offs, but the host team, China, is obviously prepared to answer these two "big questions" at the same time.
On September 17th, China players took a group photo after the game. On the same day, China beat Mexico 3-0 in Group A of the Women’s Volleyball Qualifier for the Paris Olympic Games in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Tao photo
The Asian Games in Hangzhou will open on September 23rd, and the men’s volleyball competition will take the lead from September 19th to September 26th. One of the reasons for this arrangement is that the men’s volleyball qualifying tournament for the Paris Olympic Games will start on September 30th. After the Asian Games, China, Iranian and Japanese teams will participate in this event immediately.
As for women’s volleyball team, China, Japanese, Korean and Thai teams are currently participating in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, and the competition in Group A where China is located will not end until September 24th. From September 30th, the Asian Games will start again, and the connection is not tight.
Due to the rhythm of the adjustment of competitive state, many Asian teams have reservations about the lineup of the Asian Games. Take the Japanese women’s volleyball team as an example, there are five players in the Asian Games lineup who are also on the Olympic qualifying list, but they are mainly second-tier players and have not undertaken heavy competition tasks at present. However, this Japanese women’s volleyball team participating in the Asian Games has many players who have been playing in the international arena for many years, such as Haruki Shimamura and Youjia Muhei. Their experience and competitive level have certain strength, and they are likely to be China’s main rivals for the championship.
In terms of men’s volleyball, similar to women’s volleyball, the Japanese men’s volleyball team did not send the main lineup to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, but started a group of players who were in the second line and experienced in international competitions, such as Xishan Daxiang and Gaoli Jiantai. Even so, this Japanese men’s volleyball team is quite competitive among Asian teams.
However, the Iranian men’s volleyball team, which won the titles of the Incheon Asian Games in 2014 and the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018, is the main force this time, aiming to win three consecutive Asian Games titles in one fell swoop.
According to the list of men’s and women’s volleyball teams participating in the Asian Games released by the China Volleyball Association, there is little difference between China’s Asian Games staffing and the lineup participating in the Olympic qualifiers. It can be said that China, as the host, is ready for continuous operations.
In women’s volleyball, China sent four main players: Li Yingying, Wang Yun Peng, Zhong Hui and Wu Mengjie. Three deputy attackers: Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan and Gao Yi. Two responders: Gong Xiangyu and Zheng Yixin. Two setters: Diao Linyu and Ding Xia. A free man: Wang Mengjie.
On September 17th, China team player Yuan Xinyue (first from right) spiked in the game. On the same day, China beat Mexico 3-0 in Group A of the Women’s Volleyball Qualifier for the Paris Olympic Games in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Bin photo
The above lineup is the essence of China Women’s Volleyball Team at present. Compared with the Olympic qualifiers, only one assistant attacker and one free man are reduced. At present, the main players in all positions in this lineup are first-class or even super-class in Asia. For the use of this lineup, head coach Cai Bin is also more handy. In this year’s World Women’s Volleyball League, he led the team to win the runner-up.
At the Asian Games, the China team is likely to have a new point of view in the main attack position. Will Cai Bin use the newcomer Wu Mengjie more in the case of continuous fighting? How will she use the opportunity of this contest to prove herself? Will be a big suspense.
At the Asian Games, China’s elite women’s volleyball team did its best, and the strength of its main rival’s lineup was slightly weak. From the momentum, China team will definitely strive for the championship. But at present, the only and biggest uncertainty is how the players can recover their physical strength and adjust their state in the short gap between the Olympic qualifiers and the Asian Games. This also tests the wisdom of head coach Cai Bin.
The picture shows China women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Tao photo
"Now is not the time to talk about the Asian Games. At present, all our attention is focused on the Olympic qualifiers, and we must play well one venue at a time." This is Cai Bin’s response to how to adjust the team’s state to cope with the Asian Games.
In men’s volleyball, China sent Zhang Jingyin, Yu Yuantai, Wang Bin, Dai Qingyao, Li Yongzhen, Peng Shikun, Wang Dongchen, Jiang Chuan, Zhang Guanhua, Yu Yaochen, Wang Hebin and Qu Zongshuai. This is also the essence of China Men’s Volleyball Team at present.
On July 9th, China players celebrated the score in the game. On the same day, China lost to the Canadian team 1-3 in the 2023 World Men’s Volleyball League in Pasay, Philippines. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Umali)
China is in the same group as Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan in the group stage. According to the current strength of China men’s volleyball team and the lineup of other teams, China team is expected to face a certain impact after entering the knockout stage, and must go all out to stand on the stage of semi-finals and even finals.
The Asian Games is only the beginning of China men’s volleyball team’s high-intensity challenge in the near future. How will this team adjust its status and go to Xi ‘an for the men’s volleyball qualifying round of the Paris Olympic Games without stopping? Let’s wait and see!

At the end of the 6th Chinese billiards World Championships, the first stage of the competition was for the defending champion, and many favourites were eliminated early.

Qilu. com Lightning News December 12 thChina Jiangxi Shangrao Yushan The 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship ended the first stage of the competition last night. Zheng Yubo and Chen Siming, the last champions, advanced to the second stage, while three former world champions, including Shi Hanqing, Dove and Han Yu, Zheng Xiaohuai, Zhang Taiyi and Kong Dejing, as well as james wattana, the "king of Thailand" who played across the border, were eliminated.
As the Chinese billiards tournament with the highest total prize in the world, the 6th CBSA Chinese billiards World Championship attracted 496 players from 41 countries and regions to participate in Yushan, including 128 men’s competitions and 32 women’s competitions.
The World Championship is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the domestic men’s team, the international men’s team, the domestic women’s team and the international women’s team were defeated, resulting in the top 32 men’s teams and the top 16 women’s teams.
The competition in the domestic men’s team is fierce. Zheng Yubo, who aims to win three consecutive World Championships, john young, the champion in 2017, Chu Bingjie, Zhang Jianpeng, Dai Yong, Yu Haitao and other famous players have lost in succession, but they all narrowly missed the top 32. Shi Hanqing, winner of the 2016 tournament, Zheng Xiaohuai, winner of this year’s International Open, Kong Dejing, winner of the International Classic, and Zhang Taiyi, runner-up of the International Grand Prix, were eliminated in poor condition. Zhao Ruliang, the last runner-up, and Cui Mingjun, a teenager born after 00, won three games in a row and qualified.
In the international men’s team, Eipl Dun, the champion of the 2015 tournament, Yang Shaojie, the "king of Myanmar", and Temujin Enkebao, the Mongolian expert, all advanced smoothly. Wattana, the "king of Thailand", only won one game in three games, so it’s a pity to bid farewell to this tournament.
In the domestic women’s team, all four former champions made their debut, and Chen Siming won two games in a row. In 2017, Fu Xiaofang, the champion of the tournament, broke through successfully, and Dove and Han Yu were both defeated. In addition, Shi Tianqi, Tang Chunxiao, Wang Xiaotong and other domestic first-line players got through.
In the international women’s group, Thailand’s famous snooker player Varatanu Sukri Tanes won the competition, and Indian 15-year-old Natasha Chetan advanced to the second stage with outstanding performance, becoming a dark horse in this competition.
On December 12th, the 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship started the second stage of the race, and the competition entered a more brutal single defeat elimination. According to the schedule, the women’s team will decide on the 15th and the men’s team will win on the 16th.
Lightning journalist Wang Zhiqin reports from Yushan.

Make jokes! Adding a zero to Lyft’s earnings outlook led to a sharp rise in the stock price and then retreated after clarification.

The share price of Lyft, an American online car company, soared 67% after hours. The company had previously predicted that the adjusted profit was 11% higher than the analyst’s forecast, and predicted that the profit margin would increase by 500 basis points in the initial press release. But the company later called the profit margin forecast a clerical error.

In a conference call with analysts, Erin Brewer, chief financial officer of Lyft, said that the company expected the profit margin to increase by 50 basis points instead of 500, and admitted that the figures in the press release were wrong. A company spokesman later called this a "clerical error" and said that the company had corrected this error in the documents submitted later.

After-hours share prices immediately retreated most of the gains. "This is an epic disaster," Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said in an email. "I have never seen a mistake like this in my nearly 25 years of Wall Street career."

In fact, both Lyft and Uber released strong performance reports this quarter, indicating that the overall passenger demand continued to grow after a sharp decline nationwide during the epidemic. The two companies have invested huge sums of money to recruit and retain enough drivers to meet the surge in order demand. David Risher, CEO of Lyft, who took office less than a year ago, focused his operations on customer satisfaction and emphasized returning to the basics to narrow the gap with Uber. Lyft has spent millions of dollars to attract drivers, but it faces difficulties in increasing passengers.

Lyft said in a statement on Tuesday that the adjusted profit for the first three months of this year is expected to be as high as $55 million, exceeding analysts’ expectations of $49.5 million. The transaction volume of rides excluding tips will be between 3.5 billion and 3.6 billion US dollars, which is higher than the estimated 3.48 billion US dollars.

Lyft’s total orders in the fourth quarter increased by 17% year-on-year to $3.72 billion, higher than the forecast of $3.67 billion. Revenue increased by 4% year-on-year to $1.22 billion, in line with expectations.

Lyft said that the number of active users on its platform increased by 10% year-on-year to 22.4 million in the fourth quarter. Lyft had more than 40 million passengers last year, setting an annual record.

But Lyft still lags behind Uber. According to the data of market research company YipitData, since the second quarter of 2022, the company’s share in the American online car market is about 30%, while Uber’s is 70%. Uber announced its first annual profit since its IPO last week, and said that the number of trips in the quarter increased by 24% to 2.6 billion.

This article comes from: financial circles


The National Swimming Center kicked off the "Longyao Water Cube" Spring Festival limited series of activities.

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