More than 500 athletes gathered in Qingdao to compete for the rugby match.

China Shandong Net-Perceive Shandong August 28th. Recently, the sixth Qingdao Sports Conference Rugby Competition and Qingdao Beach Rugby Open opened. More than 500 athletes from sports teams in more than 20 cities across the country gathered in Qingdao, and they showed the charm of beach football with a series of exciting and fierce games.
The fierce game scene attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to stop and watch, and the energetic game scene attracted a burst of applause from the audience on the sidelines.
This competition is sponsored by Qingdao Sports Bureau and Qingdao Sports Federation, and undertaken by Qingdao Sports Development Center and Qingdao Rugby Association. There are six groups of beach rugby U6, U9, U12, U15, U18 and adult groups in the competition. The students’ group adopts the very popular form of flag rugby, which not only retains the technical and tactical characteristics of rugby, but also lowers the sports threshold, and is suitable for teenagers and beginners.
With the inclusion of rugby in the official competition of the Summer Olympic Games, China has increased its support for rugby. As a well-known coastal city in China, Qingdao is rich in beach resources, and it has a unique advantage to hold and promote beach football matches. Hosting rugby matches, I hope more people can participate in this sport and help Qingdao build a fashionable sports city.
Event activities and leisure tourism promote each other and integrate deeply. The person in charge of this competition said that "sports+tourism" helps Qingdao’s urban development and quality improvement, and creates a brand-new sports scene of "the stadium is the scenic spot and the competition is the tourism".
China Shandong Net reporter Liu Shuhong correspondent Wu Zhicheng reports.