Good place for New Year’s Day! Chongqing, a traditional scenic area, will be transformed into a "snow world"

During the New Year’s Day holiday, you can also enjoy a "Welcome Snow" in the main city. On December 30, the reporter learned from Chongqing Eighteen Ladders that during the New Year’s Day, the Eighteen Ladders will be lit with "New Year!" As the theme, we will create a series of activities with various forms and rich contents, including a large-scale snow-making ceremony, so that citizens and tourists can immerse themselves in the charm of urban blocks.
The person in charge of the Eighteen Ladders Project said that the snow-floating ceremony on the evening of December 31 was set at the Eighteen Ladders Shuijing Square, the martial arts health care in Area D, etc. Snow-floating in winter night would be the perfect integration of traditional architecture and romantic snowy night. This snow scene will last until the bell of Jie Fangbei rings, so that everyone can go to the romantic snowy night of the New Year’s Eve in winter. In the blending of the New Year’s Eve bell and the sound of nature, we will March towards a brand-new year with hope and courage.
At that time, nine night economic brands, such as Tangyao Bar, Xiaoyuan Folk Song and Hidden Dew Tavern, will also be unveiled, and they will party with citizens and tourists all night. On the countdown to the New Year’s Eve, there are also wonderful performances such as "Xianglong Ruiqi Jia Nian Exhibition Grand Plan" and "Symbiosis with Music Symphony Rhapsody". During the New Year’s Day, the Eighteen Ladders "Live Column for Young People on TV" and "Chinese Medicine’ Invasion’ Health Market" will be launched continuously to enrich the cultural and entertainment consumption experience of tourists and citizens during the New Year’s Day holiday.