It is said that walking in the city is the best way to travel.





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    "Commando-style" tourism is still hot, and another way of tourism has quietly emerged, that is, "City Walk", a city walk.

    The city walk originated in London, England. Tourists visit the city on foot under the guidance of professional tour leaders. After walking, everyone will exchange ideas, so this is not only a way of traveling, but also a kind of knowledge sharing and socialization. There is only one keyword: slow, walk slowly, look slowly, and feel slowly. Recently, this kind of relaxed travel style has been on the rise, and many people say that this is the real deep tour.

    Of course, I don’t have any problem with the "special forces" travel mode, but I thought it was impossible to keep it hot for a long time. The overdraft of super physical strength and the exhaustion of punching cards are destined to make this kind of travel only a short-lived game for lively young people.

    Therefore, the rise of city walking coincides with its meeting, and it is also a re-examination and return of the significance of travel. The so-called travel must not be a cursory tour, it must not be a rush to punch in, it must not be getting on the bus to sleep and getting off the bus to take pictures, but observing and understanding with curiosity and discovering the multifaceted nature of the city. On this road, we can see the mountains and water, see all beings, measure the earth with our steps, and look for unique human geography in the city. This, perhaps, is the deepest meaning of travel.