Three practical beauty secrets hidden by star makeup artists to enhance your makeup exquisiteness.

Bono Zhang A-line star stylist

Designated stylist at Cannes Film Festival

As the host of "Pretty Woman" and other programs, specially invited beauty consultant.

Hello, I’m Bono Zhang, the star stylist.

I have been engaged in the fashion and beauty industry for more than ten years, and the stars I have worked with areAmanda, Chris Lee, Alyssa ChiaHe has served as the designated stylist at Cannes Film Festival, the host of "Pretty Woman" and other programs, and the special beauty consultant, and has long created classic beauty styles for major fashion magazines.

Compared with the stars shining on the stage, we ordinary people can be beautiful and exquisite in life.

Dating, working, shopping, partying, celebrating the holidays ….. As long as you put some effort into beautiful makeup, you will feel refreshed and full of energy.

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In order to practice makeup skills, many girls who love beauty follow beauty bloggers and learn all kinds of makeup conscientiously.Autumn leaf elf makeup, tipsy rose makeup, mixed-race European and American makeup. ……The names are very nice, but I always find that the paintings on my face are not so amazing.

In fact, instead of imitating the glamorous beauty of star bloggers, we might as well spend our time first to improve the small details of our daily makeup.

I’ve seen a lot of makeup novices,The makeup is floating, the eyebrows are stiff, and the eye shadow is not clean.….. and these can often affect the freshness of the whole face.If you can’t do small details well, even if you put on makeup, your beauty will be greatly reduced..

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Today, I will tell you three tips to improve the exquisiteness of daily makeup, so that you can be beautiful at every moment.

The weather is dry and easy to float powder. How to make the makeup more docile?

A docile base makeup is the foundation of a perfect makeup face.. Float powder and card powder are stumbling blocks to becoming a fairy.

A little trick, stumbling block always say goodbye:

Soak the beauty eggs and squeeze them dry, then dip in the foundation and pat the face.Then pat and press with the side without foundation to take away the remaining powder.This way, the makeup will be more delicate and docile, clear and beautiful.

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? Eyebrows are always unnatural, how to break them?

When many beginners thrush, the first stroke often falls on their brows.

You know, the first one is the heaviest,The eyebrows are stiff, most likely because the eyebrows are too heavy..

Novice thrush, you can start from the eyebrow peak, and then slowly transition to the eyebrows and eyebrows.

After painting,Remember to sweep your eyebrows with a small brush to weaken the sense of boundary.To create a natural and smart eyebrow.

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? Always can’t draw the inner eyeliner well, just give up?

Eyeliner is a hurdle for many people. Usually, when you lie down and play with your mobile phone, your hands are very steady. When you pick up the eyeliner, your hands shake.

Draw inner eyeliner in sections to save you:

Starting from the middle of the eyes, stick to the eyelash root and draw eyeliner in sections., and then fill the entire eyeliner from the middle to the head and tail of the eye.

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Of course,Make-up is not only a skill, but also an aesthetic..

Everyone’s face and temperament are different, and the suitable makeup is also different. It is necessary to learn to judge, and it is definitely not possible to copy the gourd and copy it mechanically.

It’s crucial to know what you are suitable for:

How can I quickly change into a "small face" with different face shapes?

How to find the eyebrow shape that suits you best?

How does the defective skin turn into a clear and concealer makeup?

How can a single eyelid draw beautiful eye makeup?

As long as you find the makeup method that best matches you, not only the beauty will be up, but also the makeup speed will be accelerated.

In order to help everyone solve all kinds of makeup problems, Lilac Mother found me and built this door together.A crash course in exquisite beauty. My more than ten years of experience and skills are all deposited here.

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Take the eyebrow shape for example,The direction of the lines under the eyebrows can change the visual effect of the face.You can draw your own unique and beautiful eyebrow shape according to your own conditions.

The lower edge is flat, and the long face will become shorter visually.

The lower edge is inclined upward, and the short face shape will have a lengthening effect visually.

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