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The new welfare version is half price.

Dear family, welcome to Xiaoxian Live Room again. Today, I will introduce the benefits of the game to you again. I hope you can find your favorite content here.

The first step is to redeem the welfare code, which contains 5000 fairy fields. In addition, there are generous rewards for daily check-in. There are big prizes for signing in for three days, seven days, fourteen days and twenty-nine days. In the first month, you can get fashion, mounts, artifacts and telepathy, and in the second month, you can get the Fairyland Award. It is recommended that you go online during the day, and you will issue unlimited time for Little Dragon Girl around 7 pm every day. You can get 500 months from Monday to Friday, 500 on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be holiday rewards when you meet festivals. Even if krypton is needed, the price in the game will be halved, but excessive consumption is generally not recommended. There are so many benefits in the game that you don’t need to spend too much extra.